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3 Sure Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Glass Windows

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Windows let in the beautiful sunshine and fresh air that make your house feel fresh and alive. The last thing that almost any homeowner wants to think about is replacing them. 

With windows responsible for up to 30% of the energy you use in your home, you don’t want to ignore windows that need fixing. 

We go over the top three ways you can tell it’s time to replace your windows in this handy guide!

When to Replace Glass Windows 

It can be easy to overlook the subtle signs your window gives you to show you they need your attention. If you know what to look for, you can avoid costly bills and cold homes.

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1. Drafty Windows

One of the first telltale signs that it’s time for new windows is when you start to feel unexplained drafts. When you have all the windows closed but still feel cold air, the windows are probably to blame. 

Check around the window for a broken seal. You may need to replace the weatherstripping that goes around the window. 

If that checks out, you may have old windows that let cold air in. When you have older, energy-inefficient windows, your house will work much harder to stay warm. 

2. Broken Glass Windows 

Your windows have to withstand a lot in their time on a house. They constantly have to weather storms, lots of sunlight, and wind. These factors can weaken the glass and cause it to crack or break. 

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In stronger storms, you may have had a branch hit your window, causing small cracks in the glass. If you notice anything broken in your window, the safest option is to get it replaced. 

Replacing glass windows doesn’t have to be a complicated process when you know who to call! Contact your local glass company, and they’ll have the window replaced in no time. 

3. Visible Condensation 

When you look at your windows, do you see what looks like a tiny rainstorm caught between the panes? Although pretty, this is a big red flag for your window’s health. 

Gas is usually put between window panes to keep them extra insulated. Moisture inside the two window panes means you have a broken window seal. A broken seal shows your window has lost its insulating properties and needs to go. 

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If the window feels wet on the inside, you have a condensation problem. You’ll see condensation most often in the cold months. 

When warm air from inside hits the cold air outside your home windows, condensation can form. This moisture is a sign your window needs replacing. 

Why You Need to Replace Broken Windows 

Ignoring broken glass windows could mean super high energy bills. Replacing windows with a modern version can keep your house warmer in the cooler months. 

Replacing your windows isn’t just about energy efficiency! New windows can improve your home’s security, making window replacement a no-brainer.

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