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3 Essential Factors to Consider When Buying Sports Shoes Online


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Sports shoes are essentially key fitness gear. Pick the wrong sports shoes, and you will end up lying on the couch nursing blisters or sore heels instead of enjoying a brisk walk or playing your favorite sport. Whether you are training for a marathon or running for fun, the right sports shoes can offer the foundation for your whole body, help prevent injury and make it more enjoyable to log those miles. The right pair will ultimately fit well from the start and complement your sport. Here are three crucial factors to consider when shopping for sports shoes online. 

Need and use

What you will use the shoes for is one of the main factors to consider when buying a pair of sports shoes. Is it for running, training, trekking, engaging in any specific sport, or a casual everyday shoe? Different types of sports shoes are designed for different purposes and specific sports. 

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If you decide you want to buy shoes for the gym, for instance, you need to determine whether you are a person who focuses more on cardio workouts or weight-lifting to make the appropriate choice. 

When lifting weight, you need to have a firm, flat grip on the ground to ensure the correct form, which offers you a safe grip. However, avoid wearing thick-soled sports shoes when lifting weights. 

Don’t let your shoes multitask. Using running shoes for running, trainers for training or gym, and soccer shoes for playing soccer.

Arch and foot type

Knowing your arch or foot type is another critical factor to consider when picking the right sports shoes online. You can use the “wet test” to help you determine whether you have normal, flat, or high-arched feet.

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Low arched feet or flat feet don’t have a large gap between the ground and the foot arch when standing. This foot type is highly flexible and requires a shoe that can control its motion. On the other hand, high arched feet have a large gap between the ground and the foot arch. This foot tends to be rigid and requires a sports shoe that can absorb the shock of running. Look for a flexible shoe with a thick and cushioned midsole.

Normal feet are those with an arch height between low and high. This kind of foot can fit in with most shoe types. 

Breathable and waterproof uppers

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Due to unpredictable weather conditions, it’s good to choose a waterproof sports shoe, particularly if you are looking for running or hiking shoes. Most waterproof shoes come with a membrane bonded into the shoe’s interior lining. This membrane prevents moisture from getting in while allowing feet to breathe. 

In addition, you should look for shoes that have breathable vents or uppers. This is especially when you are looking for shoes to train in a gym. 

Buying sports shoes online does not have to be overwhelming. Once you understand what works best for your feet and sports style, you can be able to apply these tips to any sports shoe you buy in the future. Getting familiar with your feet, movement, and what you want in a shoe can help you find sports shoes that work perfectly for your lifestyle.

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