August 12

20 Essential Plumbing Tools And Their Uses

Whether you’re a homeowner who is interested in DIY plumbing services or you’re a plumber, there are certain tools you need to have handy and ready at the go.

Though there are some which need to be at your beck at all times, you may still need some special tools to be available at times. You don’t need to juggle around with boxes or truckloads of equipment unless there is a certain need for that.

In this post, you will get to know 20 essential plumbing tools and their usage. Also, check here for rhode island bath remodel.

Pipe Wrench

There would be no complete plumber list without making mention of wrenches. There are many types of wrenches, but the most important is the pipe wrench. This is used to tighten and loosen nuts and fittings on pipework. Plumbers use two types of these tools together, one to hold the pipe in place the other one to rotate the nut or fittings in the appropriate direction.

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Basin Wrench

Basin wrench is a T-shaped tool that plumbers use specifically to work on faucets. The clamp-like mechanism on one end of this wrench allows a plumber to reach into narrow spaces and loosen or tighten nuts that are awkwardly positioned. This is to keep faucets in place to avoid leaking.

Copper Tube Cutter

This cutter is used to cut the most common sizes of copper tubing. This tool makes cutting a tube easier, precise, and cleaner than making use of a traditional hacksaw.


Though there are different types of plungers depending on their size or quality. Plungers are necessary tools that are a must-have. Plungers work by placing the rubber cup on the drain opening while the handle is moved up and down. The pressure of the water as it is forced up and down will dislodge most clogs and allow them to move easily down the pipe.

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Plumber’s Tape

The plumber tape is a thin white tape that is wrapped around threads on pipes and fittings before testing the two together. Plumber tape is made with PolyTetraFluoroEthylene. They are used to prevent leaks at threaded plumbing connections. It is also used in aiding threading and preventing leaking. Plumber tape helps in sealing joints from leaking.


Washers are flat, circular disks that can sit inside faucets and showerheads. They are used to control the intense flow of water from showerheads and faucets and are also used for fixing leaking valves on sinks or radiators.


Though hacksaws may come in different sizes, a plumber must at least have one hacksaw with him. Hacksaws are used in cutting metals or cutting PVC pipes or wood. The blade is installed facing forward which enables a cutting action with either the pull or push strokes.

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Measuring Tape

This is a simple tool that all plumbers must-have. Tape is used in measuring the dimensions of the plumbing system and components and also in measuring the length of pipes.

Water Pump Pliers

Plumbing pliers are used for holding irregularly shaped objects and are also used for holding and turning nuts and bolts with larger diameters regardless of their shapes.

Flux Brush

Flux is one of the essential parts of joining two pipes together. This process is known as ‘sweating’ which is carried out by making use of the flux brush acidic paste to draw in solder after the application of heat using a blow torch. This will ensure that the solder fills into the seam between two copper pieces you intend to join.

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Plumber’s Grease

Silicon lubrication grease which is commonly called plumber’s grease is used to create lubrication and to also preserve rubber parts such as O-rings, faucet fittings, and water filters.

Yellow Silicone Tape

Anti-leak silicone tape is used in sealing leaks when stainless steel pipes start corroding due to exposure to air. This helps save money, time, and labor.

Jointing Compound

This is a bonding agent that is used by plumbers to create strong seal gaps between tiles, slabs, and pavers. This solution is more convenient and effective than the conventional cement mortar.

Monument Waste Cleaner

Monument waste cleaner is equipped with steel wire and a comfortable grip to drain out waste from a sink that is clogged.

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Plumber’s Torch

Plumber work requires sealing copper piping by soldering it. The soldering requires precise and intense heating in a particular area. Plumber’s torches are small and handheld tools.

Hand Auger

A hand auger is a circular handheld device that plumbers use in driving a cable deep down a drain to break apart and clear stubborn clogs. It is an essential must-have for every plumbing professional.

Snake Machine

This is an advanced type of hand auger which is used to remove deep clogs in pipes.


As a plumber or an enthusiastic DIY, you must not forget about your safety first. Plumbing requires examining leaks, soldering, and many other things that are dangerous to your eyes. You need to protect your eyes before anything else.

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Heavy-duty gloves are used by professional plumbers to protect their hands and handle many slippery items. Also, it is used to protect plumbers from getting exposed to a lot of things with their bare hands.

Heat Shields/Pads

You wouldn’t be completing your plumbing list without heat shields or pads. Heat pads are used in protecting yourself, and the surrounding environments from heat damage or fire when soldering pipes together.


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